We house the best certified medical marijuana doctors in San Leandro. All our doctors are guided by in-depth scientific research and rich experience. We believe effective treatment needs the right clinical expertise and we have what it takes to guide you towards good health. Through telemedicine, 420 evaluations are smooth and easy. But, this has also given a free hand to various clinics that are operating without a valid office and license. As per the law, California counties cannot approve a medical marijuana identification if the doctor’s address is unverifiable. Make sure you research and choose a legit clinic with a verifiable history. It’s important that you talk to a real person before providing your confidential information. Just to be sure and avoid problems, check if the clinic has a real address, certified doctors, and 24/7 customers. Access to a real clinic takes you one step closer to getting a cannabis recommendation.


A medical marijuana card in San Leandro opens doors to a host of advantages. It gives you the legal right to access cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries. On top of that, you’ll save a minimum of 19% on your cannabis expenditure. With more savings, you can carve a better budget for your cannabis supply. If we look at recreational users, one needs to be at least 21 years of age to access cannabis. The same does not apply to MMJ cardholders. Patients aged 18 and above can legally access cannabis. If you plan on growing your own cannabis, a medical marijuana card allows you to cultivate up to 100 square feet of medical cannabis. It’s not just limited to that, your possession limits increase too. You can carry up to 8oz. of cannabis compared to just 1oz for recreational users. A medical marijuana card is your ticket to therapy. It allows you to secure yourself legally while flying or driving with medication. There is no risk of possible arrest and you can manage your health in peace.


Our certified marijuana doctors in San Leandro offer swift, streamlined and affordable access to MMJ cards

All our MMJ cards are valid for full 1-year. You gain legal access to the state-certified dispensaries. Once your card expires, you can renew it for another year on payment of a nominal fee.

We operate at a quick pace and offer you the cannabis recommendation within minutes. If you qualify, we provide you with an instant PDF letter on your email and ship a hard copy to your physical address as per your request.

Our pioneering telemedicine-based clinic operates on a HIPAA compliant platform. This keeps all your credentials absolutely safe with us. For us, customer privacy and safety comes first.


At Cannabis Doctors San Leandro, it’s our constant mission to challenge the norms and present the medicinal benefits of cannabis to our patients. We take pride in using the latest scientific research to provide you with the best form of medical care. Our experts understand that the country needs top-class medical assistance. Keeping that in mind, our clinic uses the pioneering telemedicine technology to offer swift access to the cannabis card in San Leandro. Medical cannabis is on the brink of creating history. The days of prescription medications are over. We use our expertise to bank on the medicinal potential of the herb and use it to manage burning health issues. We have invested in every possible measure that secures a healthier future for our patients. If you are worried about your current status of health, our board-certified doctors work with you to diagnose the issue and manage it at the earliest. We envision a brighter and healthier future for you. No matter what problem you have, we’ll always be available for you.

All our doctors have a thorough knowledge of the medicinal scope of cannabis. Years of experience allows them to provide you with a line of treatment that is guaranteed to bring a positive change in your health. We present cannabis as a medium to answer all your medical needs.

We expect our patients to comply with the doctors. This just makes the entire process easy. Our doctors will screen your health on priority and try to detect your issue. If you have a qualifying medical condition, you are eligible to own an MMJ recommendation in San Leandro.

Our experts help you gain full insight into the working mechanism of cannabis. Accordingly, they inform you about the right dose that would work for you. Here is what you should expect after a successful evaluation:

  • Access to an MMJ card if you qualify.
  • With an MMJ card, you gain legal access to state-certified dispensaries
  • Ability to grow your own cannabis
  • Enhanced possession and grow limits
  • No legal hassles
  • Visible improvement in your health.


Living with a chronic medical condition can be very challenging for both patients and caregivers. So, it’s important that your interaction with the doctor lends you the direction towards good health. Medical marijuana has the ability to manage your medical condition and offer the relief you need. A cannabis doctor has the required expertise to help you use the herb in the most effective manner possible. For that, your interaction with the doctor needs to be transparent. This helps the doctor in having a better assessment of your health. Feel free to ask the right questions to gain further insight into the process and learn about how cannabis will manage your symptoms and help you live with ease.


We won’t make you wait for your MMJ card. Our entire process is quick and hassle-free.




$45/ Yearly
Regularly $49
  • Before your MMJ card expires, submit a renewal request by filling a simple form.
  • Get your renewal and extend your validity by 1 year.


$7999/ Yearly
Regularly $90
  • A physical card that can be used as a valid ID.
  • Use the card at state-certified dispensaries while purchasing cannabis.


$5999/ Yearly
Regularly $60.99
  • You will receive a digital copy of your medical marijuana card.
  • The card comes with a full 1-year validity.


$24999/ Yearly
Regularly $300
  • Extend your grow limit to approximately 100 square feet of cannabis plants.
  • With the card, you can grow your cannabis plants at home and use them to manage your health condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much cannabis can I possess through a medical marijuana card in San Leandro?2020-05-06T06:16:32+00:00

Medical marijuana cardholders can possess up to 8oz of cannabis, which is eight times the limit for recreational users. Along with that, you have access to a wider range of cannabis products giving you better options to manage your health condition. 

What is the process to get a cannabis card in San Leandro?2020-05-06T06:17:29+00:00

The process to get a medical marijuana card is fairly simple. It starts with an application form that contains your basic details. The clinic analyzes your application and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. The expert calls and interacts with you via video call. The main aim of this interaction is to evaluate your health and check if you have a qualifying medical condition. If the doctor approves, you receive your MMJ card through email. Hard copies are sent on your physical address. 

Can I get my MMJ card on the same day?2020-05-06T06:18:38+00:00

Yes, our clinic provides swift access to cannabis cards. If you have the necessary qualifying medical condition, you can get your card within minutes. We have designed the entire process to be quick and hassle-free for patients. 

How much cannabis can I grow with a grower license?2020-05-06T06:19:31+00:00

If you have a grower license, you can grow up to 99 plants and use the produce to manage your health. Remember that it’s only meant for personal use and you cannot sell it. If you are caught doing that, it’s punishable by law. So, if you want to grow your own cannabis for medicinal use, a grower license can help you enhance your grow limits with ease. 

What happens if I am not recommended?2020-05-06T06:20:17+00:00

We follow a 100% customer satisfaction policy. If you don’t qualify, we refund the full amount you paid. All our customers are covered by a 100% money-back guarantee. So, rest assured as your money is in safe hands.